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Advancements within machine translation and artificial intelligence have been dominating the discourse at localisation conferences and events this year. Many are fearful of the race-to-the-bottom effect that these technologies are having, and it seems clear that somebody needs to make a strong case for the human aspect of translation.

That is why we created FairLoc – a clever, digital certification scheme for human translations that targets end clients and aims to make a virtue of human translation once more, for the benefit not just of us and our industry, but everyone who reads, uses and relies on translated content.

Here’s how FairLoc works:

  • (1) Translation agencies and freelance providers can sign up to be FairLoc Ambassadors. This allows them to display the Ambassador badge on their website and offer the FairLoc stamp to clients who agree to only use human translation for their customer-facing content. Ambassadors pay a small monthly fee to support FairLoc and fund its work, forming the backbone of the project.
  • (2) Translation users (end clients) can then sign up via their translation provider and sign the FairLoc Declaration, allowing them to display the FairLoc stamp on their website or other digital or printed publications. This gives them an eye-catching and intriguing way to tell the world that they are a fair and conscientious company that supports human creativity – and at the same time, the stamp also reassures their readers that the content they are accessing is genuine.
  • (3) As our bright and cheerful FairLoc logo makes its way around the internet, it will raise awareness around the importance of keeping humans at the heart of the translation process, and hopefully force a change in the current narrative which is leading the industry down a path of self-annihilation. The FairLoc stamp stands for authenticity, genuine human connection and transparency – and those are exactly the values its presence will protect.

FairLoc is not a pledge to never use AI or MT, but rather to stand up for human linguists and human creativity where it matters most.

From Translators, For Translators

FairLoc is the brain child of Tina Julsgaard, who is herself the Managing Director of the boutique LSP Comunica. Tina has seen first-hand how the excessive use of machine translation and automated solutions is damaging the industry. In her own words, Tina says:

“Within the industry, I noticed that some people were already starting to talk as if the writing was on the wall. ‘Human translation as we know it today will one day be a thing of the past.’ But we know deep-down that can’t be true – after all, machine translation is powered by human input, and even the best systems are unable to replicate the wonders that human translators pull off every day. More importantly, they lack the heart, soul and authenticity that only a human can create.

“I realised that we needed a way to remind ourselves that even though MT and AI are great tools, at its heart, translation is a human endeavour. Language is an incredibly nuanced, organic and human construct, creativity is a human craft and translation is a combination of both. So the localisation industry will always need humans at its centre, and right now we need something to remind us all of that. That is what FairLoc is all about.”

Find out more
You can learn more about FairLoc over on the official website which contains in-depth information about how the certification scheme works in practice, as well as lots of inspirational articles and a colourful, creative, human video that further introduces the concept. Find it here:

Attendees at KTLC 2024 can also feel very welcome to approach Nicolás to further discuss the concept and how to get involved or sign up.

Welcome to the FairLoc Revolution! For a brighter, fairer and more human future for the entire localisation industry and beyond.

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