TLC+KT 2020 (online)
Expertise // Business // Culture

Join us at one of the most renowned translation industry events in Europe!
This time entirely on-line together with the Polish event – more info below!

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Join a crowd of over 150 representatives of the industry!

TLC+KT is the best place for making new contacts, refreshing your network, learn new things and have fun!

Take part in the conference for the WHOLE translation industry!

At our conferences, you will meet not only translators and interpreters, but also technical writers, QA experts, CAT tools experts, representatives of the academia, the media, multinational corporations... and many more!

Join us wherever you are!

If somebody told us a year before that we would be confined to our homes, we would be more than surprised. Well... here we are! But that doesn't stop us from organizing the best event for the translation industry on the Web.

Join from the comfort of your own home with tickets starting at 50 EUR net!

What’s new TLC?

4 days ago
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Meet another of our speakers – an expert in lifelong learning, Olga Deputatova! Did you know that Olga's family speak Hindi, Farsi, French, English, German, Polish, Belorussian, Armenian, and ... See more

5 days ago
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We have run out of early bird PLN tickets, but EUR tickets are still available at a discount! EUR 50 for 18 more tickets, then EUR 65! 23% VAT applies. Join the #Translation and #Localization ... See more

6 days ago
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Great news everyone!

Our ticket shop is up and running! Which means you can buy your TLC+KT 2020 online ticket for only EUR 50 net!

There is a total of 50 discounted tickets, divided equally ... See more

6 days ago

TLC is not sleeping! We have the tremendous pleasure to announce our keynote speaker for Translation and Localization Conference 2020...

Peter Sokolowski, Editor at Large at Merriam-Webster ... See more

2 weeks ago
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The Translation and Localization Conference offers exceptional sponsorship options, including a virtual exhibition booth! Interested? Check out this link: ... See more

3 weeks ago
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Thank you for submitting almost 30 topics for #TLCKT2020 online! We are currently looking through them and will soon let you know which ones will be found in the conference's program! The choice is ... See more

3 weeks ago

Today's the last day to submit your topic proposal to Translation and Localization Conference 2020!

Submit your practical presentation proposal now! Theme: Communicate! Expertise // Business // ... See more

4 weeks ago

TLC Call for Papers is on for a week more!

Submit your presentation which:
✅is practical
✅corresponds to the theme "Communicate! Expertise // Business // Culture"
✅hasn't been presented ... See more

1 month ago
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Our theme for TLC+KT 2020 is "Communicate! Expertise // Business // Culture".
Read about the three thematic areas in the coming posts!

AREA 3: Culture. This group of topics will be drawn by the ... See more

1 month ago
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The Call for Papers for the #translationconference #TLC+KT2020 ONLINE is open until 15 June! Send in your proposal for a #practical presentation and get a chance to win EUR 1000, 500 or 250 for three ... See more

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Our testimonials...

Every year we get over 90% of "good" or "very good" marks in terms of organization, content and satisfaction in our evaluation surveys!
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A great event, as expected! TLC (Translation and Localization Conference) is truly a TLC (Tender Loving Care) event! Thank you and everyone who made it such a pleasant experience!

Thank you for a wonderful and well-organized conference! It was lovely to meet everyone! The talks were interesting and the atmosphere was great. A serious conference that doesn't take itself too seriously

Thank you to the members and organisers of The Translation and Localization Conference was a nice experience as a representative of Jensen Localization. It was a pleasure to meet a lot of interesting people!

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The TLC Team is the group of people making sure your conference experience is the best it can! We come from two Polish companies, TexteM and, and together we form the TLC Conferences collective.
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