Ticket FAQ

What does the ticket entitle me to?

The ticket entitles you to enter all virtual TLC+KT 2020 events (presentations and networking events).

Can I also take part in the Polish part if I have a TLC ticket?

Yes, it’s only one ticket for the international and the Polish part! (we will be providing remote interpreting for English speakers who would like to listen to selected Polish presentations)

How much is the ticket?

First 50 tickets are EUR 50 net each, then EUR 65 net! (23% VAT applies)

What currency can I pay in?

You can pay in PLN or EUR. For PLN tickets, visit the Polish conference website.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay via traditional bank transfer or PayPal.

Are there any discounts?

There are no discounts except for the first 50 tickets.

I bought a ticket but I can’t participate in the conference. Can I pass it on to someone else?

Certainly! Let us know at info@translation-conference.com.