Simultaneous interpreting services that adapt to your needs


OLYUSEI was founded in 2016 as the result of 3 years of research, development and long working hours by a team of professional interpreters, IT experts and audiovisual technicians. We started with a small hub, where we installed 3 interpreting booths. We believed that it would be enough to help us grow our interpreting business, but OLYUSEI became such a big success in the Spanish market that it became clear very soon that we needed a larger infrastructure, so we moved to a larger office with 12 ISO interpreting booths with all the necessary equipment, a control room with cutting-edge technology and a dedicated bilingual team of professional and trained audiovisual technicians.

Olyusei’s Remote Interpreting System has been developed for seamless integration into virtually any working environment. What is OLYUSEI then?

It is a cloud-based platform for remote interpreting which can be adapted to virtually any context:

  • Videoconferences,
  • Executive committees,
  • Board meetings,
  • Multi-site meetings,
  • Large congresses and conferences
  • Community interpreting

OLYUSEI offers flexible solutions that meet the needs of any type of event and service with the latest technology to provide a series of advantages to clients, users and interpreters alike anywhere in the world.

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