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29 September - 1 October 2022

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What is KTLC?

One of the largest translation industry events in Europe. A platform for the whole translation and localization industry to Talk, Learn and Communicate.

With ca. 50% freelancers, 25% LSPs (employees and managers) and 25% corporate, academia, sister professions and other actors in the industry, KTLC truly is a conference for the whole spectrum.

KTLC doesn't focus on only one aspect of the translation and localization industry. Each year, we make every effort to bring you a varied, inspiring, eye-opening schedule with top speakers from all around the world.

Are you a pro in communication, language skills, quality control, or a CAT tool tamer? Apply to speak at KTLC and get a chance to showcase your expertise. And if you'd like some more substantial exposure, we have a special offer for partners and sponsors. Just drop us a line!

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The topic for this year's hybrid conference is POWER. How have you powered up, what do you do when you need to just power through, and what's your superpower? Let us know!

The 2022 edition of KTLC will take place online AND in Warsaw, for a unique simultaneous experience whichever mode you choose to use! Tickets will be on sale soon.


Every year we get over 90% of "good" or "very good" marks in terms of organization, content and satisfaction in our evaluation surveys! Read some of the testimonials below or visit our Reviews page for the rest!

"Thank you for a wonderful and well-organized conference! It was lovely to meet everyone! The talks were interesting and the atmosphere was great. A serious conference that doesn’t take itself too seriously"
"I learned so much and met so many amazing people from all over the world. The event was very well organized, the workshops and sessions were on time and the staff had a brilliant sense of humor. "
"Thank you so much for these fantastic few days, thanks for having me and thanks for the wonderful venue, interesting talks, some touching stories and just everything!"
"A great event, as expected! TLC (Translation and Localization Conference) is truly a TLC (Tender Loving Care) event! Thank you and everyone who made it such a pleasant experience!"

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About the Team

The KTLC Team is the group of people making sure your conference experience is the best it can! We come from two Polish companies, TexteM and Localize.pl, and together we form the TLC Conferences collective. If you would like to know more about us, click here or drop us an e-mail using the form!

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