KTLC2024 – Call for Papers


KTLC, short for the Translation and Localization Conference + Konferencja Tłumaczy, has been around for more than a decade, since 2012. Started as a local, Polish conference for the translation and localization industry in Poland, it quickly grew into an international platform. It is now the best-known and largest such event in Poland, and one of the most widely recognized in Europe.

The pandemic sent us fully online, but in 2022 we had the first (very successful) hybrid edition and are coming back in 2024 after a year-long break.

The conference usually attracts around 200 people onsite + 200 online, from freelancers of all specialisms, through LSP employees and owners, researchers and developers, trainers and technical experts, all the way to industry media and sister professions.

Every year, we choose an overarching theme for the conference that the talks correspond to, and for 2024, it is Cha(lle)nge – as a way to express the attitudes towards the direction our industry is going.

  • What are some cha(lle)nges you observe in your area?
  • Were they predicted before, or is something unprecedented going on?
  • How can you challenge the status quo?
  • Are machines really going to take our jobs?
  • What new jobs or tasks are emerging?

Of course, these are just some questions off the tops of our heads – a non-exclusive list that only serves as inspiration.

We’re looking for speakers that can present an original, engaging talk of relevance to the audience. The topic must be in connection with the theme, but it might be only loosely related. We prefer the speakers to come to Warsaw, but if you cannot travel for some reason, we can arrange for an online talk.

Currently, we’re at the stage of looking for speakers and browsing the ideas that might be of interest to the audience. We’re also seeking facilitators for discussions, roundtables, networking activities and other interactive forms of conferencing.

KTLC is not an academic event, but rather a business-oriented one, but if you would like to present your academic paper on a relevant topic, please feel free to apply.

The conditions are simple:

  • You need to prepare a title, a short abstract, your bio and photo – have them ready before you start filling in the form.
  • The deadline for submissions is 30 April.
  • We do not guarantee that you will be selected to speak at the event – we will e-mail you in the first two weeks of May at the latest.
  • Typically, we don’t pay our speakers – they simply receive a free ticket to the event (including lunches, but excluding gala dinners, fringe events and excursions). However, if you have other conditions you would like met (reimbursement of travel costs, hotel room, remuneration), please indicate so in the relevant area of the form so that we’re aware. We’ll see what we can do!

The conference itself will take place on 27-28 September in Warsaw, Poland and online, with fringe events the day before and after. The first day is the lecture-style day – plenary presentations, workshops and discussions in smaller rooms, classic conference stuff. In the late afternoon: a tour of Warsaw by an oldschool bus and a dinner. The second day will combine the Polish conference and for those for whom Polish is still rather obscure, we’re planning sessions focused on networking, roundtables, panel discussions and other less rigid activities. This will take the whole day, with a gala dinner in the evening. And on the next day, a treat to those who come to Warsaw – a whole-day trip whose destination still is open to debate 🙂

Please note: The form below is only for applications to be a speaker. If you would like to offer your help as a facilitator/moderator or in any other capacity, please simply e-mail us at info@translation-conference.com.

If you can’t see the form below, click here.

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