The Chartered Institute of Linguists


Universal understanding

The Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) was granted its Royal Charter with the motto ‘Universal Understanding’ which is why we seek to welcome members from so many countries and offer our professional qualifications in so many languages.

With a membership of over 7,000 comprising translators, interpreters, language tutors and those working in business, government and professions, as well as language students, CIOL is the leading membership body for language professionals worldwide.

CIOL membership offers support throughout your career with a range of benefits, resources and networking opportunities with a community of like-minded language professionals.

CIOL is the only membership organisation for linguists which can award Chartership, acknowledged worldwide as a badge of quality and competence.

Professional translation qualifications

The Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) from CIOLQ is the gold standard qualification for translators and is widely recognised internationally. Known within the profession to be one of the most challenging qualifications for translators, the DipTrans is also one of the most rewarding to achieve. Holding a DipTrans is a true confirmation of your skills as a translator and the proof to any agency or employer of your value.

This is what two of the thousands of DipTrans holders have to say:

“This qualification not only helped me gain the professional recognition that I needed to further my career, but also led to possibilities of working with more prosperous clients who only sought translators with suitable qualifications” Ali Yildirim, Chartered Linguist

“The DipTrans is a valuable recognition and professional validation, and has had a positive impact on my career. It shows my clients that I value their business, and new clients have now started to contact me” Maria Cristina Petrizzi da Silva, Chartered Linguist

Candidates around the world recognise the career benefits that this qualification brings. We assess annually around 36 language combinations across 39 countries, with exams taking place online in January and July.

New this year!

This year we introduce the CertTrans – Certificate in Translation – which offers a new benchmark qualification for translators. We know how hard it can be for translators to launch their career. Set at degree-level, the CertTrans is an ideal qualification for those early in their career to develop and progress as a language professional as well as proof to any employer of language skills in a competitive international market. The first CertTrans exams take place online in November 2022.

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