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UTICamp – Ukrainian Translation Industry Camp

UTICamp-2021, a contemporary, technology-savvy, dynamic international conference held in a forest reserve in complete harmony with nature, is going to take part on July 19-25, 2021, near Dnipro, Ukraine. We invite you to join us next summer to discuss trending industry topics and reflect on how to improve ourselves, to share experiences, meet new people and hug old friends. And, of course, to relax, be inspired by the power of nature, and recharge your batteries!

This year event is going to be held in a hybrid format combining on-site and remote speakers and attendees.

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Glocalization Organization of Asia and the Pacific (GoAP)

The Glocalization Organization of Asia Pacific (GoAP) is a global industry and trade association that focuses on the globalization efforts of companies and localization industries in Asia, Oceania, and countries in the entire Asia-Pacific region. We are seeking to promote and foster the development of globalization and localization technologies in Asia, Oceania, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Zingword’s mission is to make the freelance translation business easier to swim in. Translators take center stage at Zingword, setting their own rates in an anti-bargaining, anti-job board environment. Each translator is manually validated and identity verified in order to keep our seas fair and professional. Direct clients ride the wave of easy staffing, while also developing long-lasting collaborations with translators they know and love. Through a combination of sleek design, powerful technology, and a fair amount of elbow grease, our team of language and UX experts has found a way to help true professionals find their perfect match in translation.

Where translators come first.

Women in Localization

Women in Localization (W.L.) is certified as a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit. Its mission is to foster a global community for the advancement of women and the localization industry through networking, education, career advancement, mentoring and recognition for women’s accomplishments. Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2008, W.L. is supported by thousands of women and men across the globe and local chapters who support members locally.

To Foster A Global Community for the Advancement of Women and the Localization Industry.


Translated in Argentina (TINA) is the first non-profit association of language service companies and professionals whose objective is to promote the local language industry, train resources, and build awareness to strengthen our activity within the Argentinian business environment.
We focus on bringing together localization industry stakeholders in Argentina in an effort to further strengthen our already established position as the go-to place for into-Spanish language services; providing training to member companies and industry players in general as well as seeking partnerships with government and industry associations all over the world.

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European Language Industry Association

Elia is the European not-for-profit trade association of language service companies with a mission to accelerate our members’ business success. At Elia, we are committed to the mission of accelerating our members’ business success and providing wider benefits to the language industry as a whole. We do this through a dedicated team and a passionate group of Elia Board members. Every year we hold elections for the board, who bring a wealth of expertise with them.

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Association of Translation Companies (ATC)

The UK’s Association of Translation Companies (ATC) is the voice for companies operating in the UK’s expanding language services industry, with 200 member companies in the UK and overseas. ATC membership is recognised at government and international levels as the mark of quality-managed translation services. The ATC also operates an international ISO Certification Service providing industry expert auditing and certification to language services ISO standards.

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Translators without Borders

Translators without Borders (TWB) believes that everyone has the right to give and receive information in a language and format they understand. We work with nonprofit partners and a global community of language professionals to build local language translation capacity and raise awareness of language barriers. Originally founded in 1993 in France (as Traducteurs sans Frontières), TWB translates millions of words of lifesaving and life-changing information a year.

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T-update 21 virtual

Welcome to t-update 21 virtual! Join us at the leading language Industry event for decision-makers. Just pack your agenda for 2 days and travel to the first language industry’s unmatchable 3D World experience. T-UPDATE ‘21 Virtual will give you access to information and resources to help you lead with confidence, while stimulating you with great talks, video breakout sessions, virtual networking and happy hours packed with fun – all designed to lift your spirits, and much, much more! For two days from 15th till the 16th April, T-Update ‘21 Virtual will stream great industry content aimed at a worldwide audience, while creating unmatchable opportunities to learn, share best practice and connect in a unique 3D dimension world.

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Israel Translators Association (ITA)

The mission of the ITA is to advance the professional development of its members, and the theory and practice of translation, interpreting and editing in Israel, so that clients can benefit from professional, accurate and reliable translations. Our vision is to become the leading representative of the translators, interpreters and editors in Israel.

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Games Jobs Direct

Games Jobs Direct is one of the leading global video games jobs board. Our website is accessible to all within the industry – large studios, indie studios, recruiters and future games industry candidates seeking their next challenge. Since our launch in 2011, we’ve helped over 500 companies hire the best talent, with over 120,000 applications generated which has attracted 34,000 candidates to register. Our aim is to help candidates find their dream role and connect directly with the employer to learn more about the studios and secure interviews. Everyday is different, but we always want to provide studios across the globe with the tools they need to reduce their cost-per-hire and fill critical roles with amazing candidates. Just check out our testimonials! We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results. We are devoted to each of our clients and we work hard to promote your studio and your projects.

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Roman Zelenka Podcast

Hi, I am Roman Zelenka, Coach, mentor, podcaster, eternal student, and addict of meaningful challenges that push leaders to new heights.

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LocLunch is an informal monthly collective gathering of internationalization, globalization, localization, and translation professionals.
This global group should help you to find out about the latest news around LocLunch and the events our ambassadors are organizing around the world.
LocLunch has started to become a movement, thanks to our great ambassadors.
The purpose of LocLunch are the followings:
– Connecting professionals from within and around our industry on a regular basis in a casual environment.
– Getting updated with the latest trends and sharing knowledge with the other LocLunchers
– Connect with other professionals, both online and offline.
For anyone interested in this industry, the LocLunch is inclusive and open.
Get yourself ready for the future at the expense of your own lunch meal.

Join us this month or start your local LocLunch community!

The Argentine Association of Language Services Companies (AASL)

AASL is a modern, open, democratic, and transparent civil association created in 2017. Our goal is to represent all Argentine companies that are part of the language services industry and its related activities on a local, regional and international level before government agencies, similar associations from all over the world and other private stakeholders. Our purpose is to further the development of the translation industry and to work on changing the conditions that limit the growth of companies in this sector.

Who can be a part of AASL?


OpenWHO is the first WHO platform to host unlimited users during health emergencies. It provides you with a fast and free way to obtain the latest scientific and operation know-how. With a dynamic interface, accessible through your computer and mobile device, OpenWHO offers offline downloads, peer discussion boards and live briefings from ongoing health emergencies.

OpenWHO. Open to all anytime, from anywhere.

FIT Europe

FIT Europe is the Regional Centre of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), focusing on translation and interpreting issues in Europe. Its regular members are professional translator and interpreter organisations at national level. FIT Europe also has associate members which are universities and training institutions.

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BDÜ (Berufsverband professioneller Dolmetscher und Übersetzer in Deutschland)

With a membership of over 7,500 translators and interpreters, BDÜ (Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators) is the industry’s largest professional association. BDÜ represents about 80% of all translators and interpreters who belong to a professional association in Germany and has been a point of contact for trade, industry, policymaking and education since 1955. The association is headquartered in Berlin and is an umbrella organization to 13 chapters – 12 regional chapters and one professional chapter (the Association of Conference Interpreters within the BDÜ (VKD)).

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CTTIC (Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council)

The Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC) was established in 1970 and brings together the organizations responsible for certifying professional translators, terminologists and interpreters in the provinces and territories of Canada. It coordinates the actions of its member organizations and promotes cooperation among them to ensure uniformity in professional standards. Through its member organizations (STIBC, ATIA, ATIS, ATIM, ATIO, ATINS and CTINB), CTTIC seeks to promote professional certification as a guarantee of quality and competence, thereby contributing to the advancement of the profession and the protection of the Canadian public.

Uniting Canada’s certifying bodies from coast to coast.