5 reasons to have a Multilingual DTP Partner


1.- Preparation of files for translation
You really, really, REALLY want your documents to be prepared for translation before using any CAT tool or Machine Translation.
There is so much that can go wrong if you start translating with the documents “as is” but we will name a few here:
Your CAT tool DOES NOT LIKE PDFs. Pdfs are meant to be read or printed, they were created as a “digital print” and not to be edited or accessible by a computer.
If you don’t have the original source file, your best option is to have your DTP Partner recreate the PDF document into a CAT friendly format such as .docx (Word) or .indd (InDesign)

Your client’s source file isn’t ready for translation yet.
Most documents are created to be visually appealing for a human being and not to be analyzed by a computer.
When designers create these gorgeous documents, they might not have localization in mind and will use all kinds of “trickery” to place elements in different places of the document. While this looks amazing to our eyes, for a machine (computer) this might just be a bunch of tabs, spaces, pilcrows (paragraph marks), that could cut the content and lead to broken segmentation that will make its way to the translation software, losing context for the translator and adding unnecessary complexity to the translation process.
It’s better to catch any issues early, especially when translating into multiple languages as those issues with the source will end up in all target files.

2.- Faster quotes
Your DTP partner can use their OCR software to provide you with a quick text extraction for you to analyze and provide your client with an accurate quote. At the same time, they will inform you of the time needed for the required DTP services so you can consider it for your final quote.

3.- Multilingual DTP expertise
For LSPs and other agencies.
Avoid having to contact multiple DTP specialists for each language. A multilingual DTP partner will be your one-stop shop for the DTP of every language needed.
If you are an independent translator.
First, you can offer your clients a translation with the same look and feel. And not only that, but you can now stay focused on the translation as your multilingual DTP partner will be able to handle your translations without issues.

4.- Extra set of eyes
As the DTP Expert will go through the whole document adjusting the layout, it is also a great opportunity to spot any issues, not only with the layout but also with the translation itself. A good DTP Partner should be proactive and able to work closely with you. Having the ability to let you know if there are any inconsistencies or issues with the document that might cause issues further down the road, during the translation process or even sections that might have been missed.

5.- Peace of mind
Your Multilingual DTP Partner should be much more than just someone that knows how to adjust the layout using a specific software.
You do not want a partner that just does what they are told without letting you know about the issue that comes up along the way.
Apart from knowing your partner can handle the DTP as expected, you should feel confident that your translations are in good hands and if arise any issues or questions, you trust that your DTP Partner will let you know and consult you on how you would like to proceed.

At TTS NORDIKA we’ve been helping the translation industry with all kinds of multilingual DTP tasks for over 15 years.
We are based in the beautiful city of Viña Del Mar, Chile. The team consists of friendly bilingual Project Managers and DTP Experts that will help you with your everyday DTP-related task so you can focus on translation or project management.

Let’s work together on your next translation project!

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