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Diction AG wrote about our collaboration in its in-house magazine “Dictionary”:

“In 2018 and 2019, we set about updating our software to ensure that Diction can keep pace with the digitalised world. After all, we always aim to provide our clients with precisely the services that they need to succeed. The experts at lingo systems helped us design and implement a tailored software solution that enables us to do precisely that – and it’s really easy to use. We spoke to IT manager Dr. Stefan Koch about the project.

Stefan, which systems did your IT company create for Diction?

The Diction TMS has been up and running since 2018. The TMS is an enterprise resource planning system that can be used to manage pretty much any process centrally. Two more systems were added this year: the Diction connector, which is an interface that connects third-party systems with the Diction TMS, and the client portal, which makes project management much simpler.

These sound like pretty big projects. What was the most interesting aspect of it all?

For me it was working in this fascinating industry. Diction gave us an amazing insight into the work of a language services provider. The go-live of the TMS was also a really cool moment. From that point on, Diction’s day-to-day business was running entirely on our software. The transition went smoothly, and the system now helps Diction manage projects and resources more efficiently. That’s something any IT guy would be really proud of. Getting the client portal set up was also a really interesting process. New features were discussed with Diction, implemented and delivered on a weekly basis. The communication and the speed at which we were able to push the project forward were amazing.

What challenges did you face during development, and how did you resolve them?

Sometimes things had to be done quickly, which also involved some really long meetings with the Diction team. And, as I mentioned before, it was crucial for us to really get an understanding of how Diction works and what the company wants to offer its clients. During development, you also automatically start to think about how things could be changed around or done even better. That’s an important process, but it also uses up a lot of time and creative energy – in addition to the work you already have. It’s all about finding the right balance and being able to prioritise things effectively. I would like to take this opportunity to thank business analyst Robert Neumann and the entire development team. They really gained an in-depth understanding of how Diction works, gave Diction’s project team detailed information on all the individual solutions and implemented them perfectly.

Speaking of communication, how closely did you collaborate with the Diction team?

Very closely, actually. That’s really essential for the development of a tailored software solution. Diction was involved every step of the way, working with us directly to test and optimise every aspect of the system. We also held a number of workshops and Skype sessions to get a really detailed understanding of how the company works – and to demonstrate what would be possible to achieve and how the systems could be integrated.

We think it’s great that all the systems work together, but what’s the benefit for our clients?

Well, for them, it ensures fast, transparent and error-free processes, whichever way they decide to send their projects to Diction. Everything ends up going through the TMS, including the data from the client portal. A good example of how it makes life easier for clients is the fact that they can use the connector to send texts to be translated directly from their online shop and have the finished product automatically uploaded to the same place.

All of Diction’s systems are tailor-made. What are the advantages of that over off-the-shelf software?

Existing software solutions are generally designed to appeal to as many users as possible. This means that companies have to adapt their processes to the software – and that there isn’t a solution for every single problem. This really wasn’t an option for Diction, as they always aim to fulfil every client request and have to remain very flexible in order to do so. We were able to guarantee this flexibility with a software solution that is tailored to meet Diction’s needs precisely and helps them to build on their core strengths – speed, quality and personal service.

Our quality management is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Does the new technology play a role here?

Yes, it does. The TMS is essential for Diction to ensure that processes are consistently adhered to. Everything has its place, the processes are fixed, and roles are clearly defined. Each resource is stored along with extensive information that enables filtering in accordance with client needs. This enables Diction to process projects quickly and consistently, end ensure that everything is traceable. With the TMS, every project can now be monitored throughout the entire process, meaning that Diction can react immediately if there are any potential quality issues. It also has a pretty detailed analysis module that can pinpoint areas where there is potential for improvement and allow these improvements to be made.

Thank you for talking to us, Stefan.

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